♪ Exploring The Music ♪ “The Music of iDOLM@STER”

♪ Exploring The Music ♪ “The Music of iDOLM@STER”


You knew this was coming so don’t be giving me that look. I’ve been a little flooded with homework stuff, so I’m just writing this to take my mind off of it, if for even one moment. Oh, and a word of warning before you enter this madness- this list is going to be massive.

Agent Yoru wo Yuku (REM@STER-B)

We’re kicking things off with a REM@STER track! For those of you who don’t know, these are remixes of original songs from the series, often incorporating a new genre to the track. Agent Yoru wo Yuku was an intense and powerful piece, but I actually prefer this remix which gives it a little flamenco touch.

Ah~Yokatta (Ami Version)

This song is sung by one of the Futami twins- can you tell them apart? Bursting with energy, the harmonies between the powerful guitars and Shimoda Asami’s voice are an absolute treat.

Ah~Yokatta (Iori Version)

And now we let Kugimiya Rie step up to the plate for her version of the song. Unlike Ami’s version, the Iori version opts for a gentle serenade feel, and Kugimiya-san’s voice is as elegant as ever. I do prefer this version overall, but that’s just me.

The Ai (Takane Version)

This song actually debuted earlier with more characters singing it, but I feel like Hara Yumi’s solo singing gave this more strength in the end. Overall just a very memorable and lovable track, as I’m sure you’ll agree.

Aoi Tori

This is a beautiful song, with a very beautiful voice behind it all. Asami Imai and Chihaya are argued to be the best voice in the 765 PRO family, and in terms of skill I easily agree. A gentle song of sadness- it is an absolute joy to the ears.

Aoi Tori (REM@STER-B)

The original Aoi Tori is given a remaster that adds a rock element to it. However at the same time, they’ve managed to keep the sorrowful sound, which is quite a feat indeed.

Brand New Day!

Ganaha Hibiki wasn’t originally from 765 PRO in the games, so she didn’t have songs to her name until the anime came along, and thank goodness she finally gets some. Much like Hibiki herself, this song just oozes bright and happy energy.


It’s the second opening to the anime! Having to live up to “READY!!”, the first opening, it sure did one heck of a job. To be a little blunt, it does copy a number of elements from the first opening, but it also adds to it and is just as lovable.

Chikamichi Shitai

Don’t you love songs that just work with other things? The instant you start up this song, I hope you’ll agree that it fits amazingly to the Gamecube classic “Animal Crossing”. Aside from that, it’s a very cheery but light song that is sure to put a skip in your step.

Chocolat Tiara

This is a newer track released with the recent “Cinderella Girls” side series, and boy is it catchy. It’s fluffy, it’s funky and it’s really cute, and you’ll quickly find yourself reaching for that replay button.

Colorful Days

If you love colourful songs, look no further! Not only does this song paint an elaborate picture by using a ton of voices together, but the lyrics even mention colours in English. There’s even an alternate version that adds more colours to the lyrics.


How about a solo from Haruka’s seiyuu, Nakamura Eriko? “Daisuki” loosely translates to “much love”, and it’s a very adorable song where Haruka keeps singing “Daisuki!”. You just gotta love it, no matter who you are.


A song that was so epic that it was included in Beautiful Katamari, despite not having anything to do with it at all. Aside from the choruses, the “lyrics” are entirely composed of the idols introducing themselves one-by-one and mentioning how they’d make the best leader of the idols. It’s just a really fun experience overall.

Dazzling World

Featuring a side character (from 876 PRO), this song is upbeat and very catchy. It mixes together an interesting array of instruments including violins, drums and synthesizers to create a unique sound you don’t hear too often.


It’s our first Christmas song! Hirata Hiromi voices Kikuchi Makoto, who sports a rather manly voice compared to the other idols. As such, this fast paced holiday song is bursting with energy and is very fun to listen to.


A really cute song with really cute lyrics. Utilizing the younger characters of the company, this song basically tells the story of a first date and all the little emotions that come with it.

Egao no Genki

We’ve reached the first cover song on our list! THE iDOLM@STER has certainly dabbled in a fair share of cover songs, changing them up and modernizing them whilst keeping everything true to its original content. This is no different for this song, as the Futami twins add even more energy to a Hime no Ribbon-chan classic.

Flower Girl

Featuring the silver haired beauty Takane, this fluttery song does a great job of showing off her character in its entirety. The entire song has a light, mysterious and lovely tone to it, which definitely fits Hara Yumi’s voice best.


Opting to go with an entirely synthesized feel, this song is very lively as a direct result. Great track, and I’m sure you’ll be tapping your foot to it in no time.

Genki Tripper

Let the young and lovable Yayoi take center stage with this fantastic rock track. The instrumentals and vocals are all on par with each other, and it’s definitely a “cute rock” type of track.


It’s here, one of the most iconic songs in the series! As of the recent anime, there is now a newer version of the original where it is unfortunately shorter, but sounds better overall in my opinion. It’s a very cheerful and upbeat song overall, and you’ll definitely love it as many others have.

Hanikami! First Bite

The members of Ryuuguu Komachi attend a dreamlike wedding, and this song is just what the bride ordered. With talks of innocence, cake and bouquets, how can you resist?


Directly translating to “Spring”, Haru is a peaceful song that is just perfect for listening to in its own season. On a clear day, listen to the birds chirps and the cheerful girl whistle in bliss.

Here We Go!!

The youngsters of 765 PRO strike again with this cute track! You just have to love the purity of this track; it’s simply just darling.

Hoshi no Kakera wo Sagashi ni Ikou Again (Chihaya Version)

While three different idols have a version of this classic song, Asami Imai and her jazzy rendition tops them by far for me. The voice is angelic, and the music is so soothing that you’ll sit there in bliss with the song set to repeat.

I’m So Free!

Part of the recent “Perfect Idol” series of CDs, this song is a mix of excitable jazz with upbeat house music- a match made in heaven. The intricate chord progression and unique mix of voices really helps drive this one.


Why shouldn’t the secretary and the chief get a song? Otonashi Kotori never was an idol herself, but if you catch the rare performance from her, you’ll see she could have easily made it. This fun little mix of pop with some cute rapping thrown in is just so fresh.


Finding a track with the same name as the series is near impossible through search websites. Such a shame too, since everyone should have easy access to this fantastic song. The fast and excitable synth track really powers this song, and with all of the idols together for this one, it feels right to give it the title.


Just when you’re getting into the groove of the regular version, here comes the melancholic remaster! Opting to slow down the pace, this version gives the song a dystopian-esque mood where all is lost. A song of sorrow and hope, if you will.

Iro White Blend

The title, the sound and the mood all fooled me into originally thinking this was a winter tune. However, the truth is that this track lies in the Spring album, and that’s what’s so great about it. Regardless  of season, it’s a bright song that can just cheer you up after one listen.

It’s Show

The idols get their groove on with It’s Show, a lively track that feels kind of like a street performance or for a celebration. It also utilizes the best of overlapped vocals, where multiple idols enter at differing points of the song to develop a very cool effect.


This is a song that was introduced in the recent anime series, and it’s stunning how the composers can keeping pumping out such quality after so many songs. Translating directly to “Myself REST@RT”, it was used in a grand performance featuring all of the idols, just as it should be. Always sure to be a crowd pleaser, this song is great for getting people up and jumping about.


“Bicycle”, you say? Tomboy Kikuchi Makoto stars in this song, and like the spinning wheels of a bicycle, this song moves so smoothly that you wonder how it all holds together so well. Just like Makoto’s voice, the backing tracks are all very powerful and driving, which gives it so much energy.

Juumon wo Ageru yo

We want Yayoi! Bring us Yayoi! With her cheerful nature, she brings about this happy song that strangely resembles something a marching band might take a look at. As the song progresses, the instruments get more grand, which only adds to the fun.

Kami-sama no Birthday

Now isn’t that a clever title? “God’s Birthday” is a…you guessed it, a Christmas tune! However, toss out the typical “holly jolly” and prepare for a whimsical song that feels like a winter’s night out with your best friends. Everyone’s got good cheer during the holidays, right?

Kami Summer!!

It surely will be a “Godly Summer” with this track in the palm of your hand. Drawing in all of the bright and joyful moods of summer, this is a perfect track for feeling like you’re on the beach…or maybe you already are!


Yet another tune that features Yayoi-chan, but this is one that works best with any of the younger idols. Overall it is hyper, bubbly and just so damn cute. There’s even a moment where the singing idol will shout “Guitar-sama, come on!”, signaling for them to start playing the solo.

Koi wo Hajimeyou

Here’s one for the male idol group, Jupiter! While their other songs mostly revolve around a harder rock style, this one is a jazzy tune that is just great to listen to.

Koisuru Mikata

Often overshadowed by its A-side counterpart SMOKY THRILL, this song features Ritsuko, the manager for Ryuuguu Komachi. Giving off lots of energy, Ritsuko shows why she was a quality idol back before she turned producer.

Kosmos, Cosmos

One for the timid Yukiho, this song mixes a techno synth sound with a smooth vocal following. You may be surprised to hear this, but this is one of Yukiho’s most upbeat tunes; a shy girl sticks best to gentle songs, and that’s not a bad thing either.


Title sound familiar? It means “island”, and with a fun mix of whistles, percussion and other instruments, this truly does sound tropical. Iori stars in this song, and the “rich girl in paradise” theme fits quite well with the sound.


What could that acronym possibly stand for? Love Organized Boost Music, that’s what! What an awesome title, and very fitting too, as it features a majority of the idols singing this very motivational tune. Great song for getting pumped for something, let me tell you.

Mahou wo Kakete (Eri Version)

Damn it, Hanazawa Kana’s here too?! Just goes to show how fantastic she is, and in this song she brings a whole new level of cute when she just sings “Cast a special spell on me!”. Just a very cute and bright song overall, and when it speaks of love it’s always cuter, no?


Mostly a song of joyful reminiscence, all of the idols join in this one to remember the good times and to look ahead at new possibilities. If peaceful songs are your thing, here’s one just for you.


A powerful song about the struggles of being the best, and how hard work is the way to get there. What adds to the appeal is that the song is very energetic and optimistic, making the message much more believable.


I swear that this song was made in conjunction with Kami Summer!!, as they play in the same key and just sound stunning together. After a hot day on the beach, what’s greater than a cool and breezy night of staring up at the moon? This song also has a really fun backing vocal line, making it a fun song to just sing along to.

My Best Friend (REM@STER-B)

You have to admit, the song titles in this series are always so clever and cute. While the original piece is also very stellar, this remaster featuring Iori is just so damn adorable that it has to trump its predecessor. Taking a really exciting 8-bit backing sound, and add a cute voice to it. I’d say it’s a match made in heaven, wouldn’t you?

My Song

Just as the title implies, this song feels like each person singing it could regard it as their own treasure. A gentle tune sung straight from the heart, it’s a lovely piece that can sound great with one or many idols.

Omoide ga Ippai

Even the lyrics know exactly what it’s trying to portray, and with a heartwarming song that uses the classic tale of Cinderella as its messenger, it’s quite a beautiful piece. It’s even more clever how they used one of the younger idols (Futami Ami) to take it up, as the lyrics fit much better with that in mind.

Omoide wo Arigatou (Eri Version)

“Thank You For The Memories”, indeed. Once again I bring the amazing Hanazawa Kana to the center stage, where she sings a calming song all about the good memories. In fact, this song sounds quite nice in conjunction with Massugu.

Otome yo Taishi wo Idake

A song that shouts out to young girls to reach high and stand tall, Amami Haruka leads this song as “one of the people”. Featuring energetic trumpets and just an overall upbeat nature, this song is very catchy and great fun.


Aw, another cute one for the younger idols! While the star is Iori, close friends like Yayoi provide a great backing for this fluffy tune. There’s even an interlude where they converse with each other, which is quite adorable, needless to say.


Hanazawa Kana is NOT appearing too much in this, nope. Without having to cover other tunes here, this is an original for Mizutani Eri. The song sounds quite unique and even somewhat strange overall, but nevertheless it’s very catchy. The quirky sounds fits well with the title, which is undoubtedly shortened from “precognition”.


Here it is, the song that got us pumped for the recent season of the series, where redemption from the much hated XENOGLOSSIA series could be claimed. Featuring all of the idols up on the shining stage, this song celebrates the life of an idol and the work it takes to be the very best.

Reimei Starline

This is one badass song, to sum it up in one short message. Futami Mami fronts the vocals, and the theme? It’s the excitement of space! The backing sounds range from guitars to space protocol being announced, and it helps that Shimoda Asami is quite talented at rolling her “r” sounds, because it sounds awesome.

Sayonara wo Arigatou

What fascinates me about Haruka is the flack she gets for being so “plain”. On the contrary, Haruka is the character that has been given the most side personalities (gentle to rock star, and then even to borderline dominatrix), and for now, we’ll stay back down at gentle. This is a quiet and relaxing song that guided viewers along during the darkest parts of the recent anime.

Seikan Hikou

Hey, it’s a cover of the song that made Macross Frontier famous! Makoto’s powerful voice gives a new rock feel to this iconic song, and it works quite well. My one gripe is that the “KIRA!” tag was purely invented to be adorable, Makoto’s voice is a little too overpowering for it.

Sekai de Ichiban Ganbatteru Kimi ni

It’s Haruka again! How about a little “light rock Haruka” for you? This is a song that starts off calm and slowly builds energy to its satisfying ending. Of course, it doesn’t really turn “hard rock”, but the instruments do gain momentum as the song goes on, and it sounds fantastic.


Songs like these are always so nice, and they’ve done similar things in Rosario+Vampire and Ranma 1/2 as well. What do I mean? They’re simply chorus songs, where the united voices can give a great deal of soul to what would be a regular calming melody.

Shiny Smile

One of my personal favourites, Shiny Smile is just a song that can put a smile on your face without having to explain itself. Many different versions of this song exist, but the original always stays the best for me.

Slapp Happy!!!

What in the flipping hell does that title mean? Who cares, because this tropical sounding tune is just so damned cheery. Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, you’ll immediately fall in love with how groovy this song is.


Ryuuguu Komachi’s debut track, and it’s one fine one indeed. Taking a somewhat funky pop feel to its melody, the trio of Iori, Azusa and Ami blend together very nicely in the vocals. If you’ve ever seen the performance for this in the game or anime, you’ll know the outfits and dance are very cute as well.


Secretary Kotori sure can sing, as previously mentioned. This is one of her iconic songs, and it’s flooring to hear that she was never scouted. Somehow mixing a calming mood with a fast tempo, this song does a great job of achieving two themes at once.


Let’s have “rock Haruka” take center stage. This is your classic rock jam, with a strong focus on guitar, drums and other iconic rock instruments, and Haruka’s voice emanates much more this time. Overall it’s a very upbeat tune that makes you want to pick up a guitar or maybe some drumsticks.

Sweet Donuts (Mami Version)

Who can hate donuts? Mami sure loves them, and she’s here to sing about it. The backing track has that old chiptune sound to it, which is always great fun for songs like these. Listen close and you can actually hear your stomach craving those donuts.

Tip Taps Tip (Haruka Version)

An original from HalCali for Eureka 7, it’s given a new approach by a lighter side of Haruka. This is a very fluttery song with lots of lighter instruments trilling on and off notes, which is always nice to hear. Also, if you’re interested in extreme Haruka, have a listen to I Want or her take on Overmaster.

Tori no Uta

Who here watched Air? While the series itself was never as strong as other Key works like Angel Beats, Kanon and what I consider to be their magnum opus, Clannad, almost any anime fan knows this iconic theme song. Matching the series’ sorrowful nature, Chihaya was the perfect choice to have as the vocalist for this stellar cover.

Trial Dance

Let’s show Hibiki a little love. Always the rowdy, fun-loving character of the bunch, her image song here is very fitting indeed. Hibiki also has a distinctive voice that you could pull from a crowd, so it’s hard to say that this song would work with anyone else under the reins.

Tsuki no Waltz

Another classic tune, this mysterious song is perfect for Takane. The melody almost feels somewhat psychedelic, and could even be compared to pieces from Alice in Wonderland and similar icons from our childhoods. Surreal as it may sound, it also has an attractive nature that entrances you.

Watashitachi wa Zutto…Deshou?

This was introduced in the very last episode of the recent anime, and it sure took me by surprise. Right in the middle of the grand stage, the idols unite to sing together and bring about such a powerful melody. The performance in the anime must be seen as well, as the atmosphere it oozes is just breathtaking.

The World is All One!!

The world truly is all one for these idols, who do such a fine job of working together. This motivational song is actually depicted with the idols in their practice tracksuits, which is a perfect portrayal of how often they practice for the big stage.


And now, here comes the song that made grown men cry during the recent series. After a gut-wrenching dilemma that almost killed Chihaya’s career once and for all, this 7 and a half minute marvel is truly Asami Imai at her best, allowing Chihaya to rise up from the ashes. Sorrow, an endless fight and redemption are all felt in this grand masterpiece.

Yuki ni Negai wo

To finish, how about one of the best Christmas songs I’ve heard in a long time? Radiating a somewhat melancholic aura, this song is sung by our beloved Haruka. With the nature of the melody, it’s a song that’s best enjoyed on a dark and snowy night, where the gentle streetlight glow is your only means of seeing past the white.

Wow. Just…music everywhere.


  1. Arvee 2 years ago

    First of all, I just wanted to say… I do love this post that you had made and you give a marvelous review on all of the IM@S songs. But to make matters interesting for me, I have to pick some several IM@S songs (and my impressions).

    On shiny smile – This might be the first IM@S song I have ever listened back in 2006 in a local internet cafe. Ever since I decided to listen some other IM@S song, it will be great for me.

    On Colorful Days – I DO love colorful songs, and even do I have listened the 12-colors version of it.

    On Danketsu – The old version is good, but I still favored the version when Takane and Hibiki are introduced (Danketsu 2010)

    On Dazzling World – To think I listened to this song for a year, and Ryo’s birthday is coming up next Saturday.

    On Do-Dai – ‘DEETO shitekure masu ka?’ That’s was the verse that I have ever heard when I listened to this.

    On Flower Girl – Ever why Takane is my favorite, because of Yumi Hara’s singing voice!

    On GO MY WAY!! – I listened to this song and it was great. This song is featured in Taiko no Tatsujin DS.

    Hoshi no Kakera wo Sagashi ni Ikou Again – I managed to listened all of the versions with Makoto, Chihaya and Takane. But I still like the Chihaya version.

    On THE iDOLM@STER (song) – One of my top favorite IM@S songs. It was pretty good but I prefer the Haruka solo version of it.

    On Jibun REST@RT – The nine idols are kicked up a notch for this song in episode 13, but the best of all these in the song was Hibiki’s roar in the anime.

    On Kiramekirari – Yayoi-cchi might be moe for her trademark song, but the best part of all was the guitar solo of it.

    On Kosmos, Cosmos – This song might be great for my ears, but for the pure sound of Yurina Hase’s vocal performance.

    On L.O.B.M. – Who needs this song without the proper jogging routine in the morning?

    On MEGARE! – Another one of my favorite IM@S song list. I managed to listened all of the 13 versions of this song, but my favorites are Makoto, Chihaya, Takane and Hibiki.

    On Reimei Starline – Badass song is TOTALLY BADASS. Mami Futami might be eligible for some alien invasion attacks with this battle song.

    On Seikan Hikou – Get a load of this. Ever since I listened to this version of this song, it makes my ears look giggle. Megumi Nakajima (the Filipino Japanese seiyuu of Ranka Lee) will proud of the tomboyish idol like Makoto.

    On SMOKY THRILL – RK sure is interesting when I listened to this. And for that reason, I have to wait for the new RK song.

    On Trial Dance – My love for Hibikin is increasing, and this song seems to be perfect for her.

    On Watashitachi wa Zutto…Deshou? – Here goes my iPod playlist. This song might be catchy for my ears, but for the vocal performance of all the idols.

    On Yakusoku – ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY CHIHAYA!! I like your impression about this song, and it could make men burst into manly tears. Ever since the title itself, I have to re-watch the titular episode on November 18th (looks like it’s 2011 all over again) and I have to listen to this song all over. Due to my work as a church official, I have to quote 2 Timothy 1:7 and I nearly teary-eyed for this song.

    That is all I have, but nice!

    • Author
      papermario 2 years ago

      Thanks, glad you liked it. Good to hear your opinions on the tracks as well; there’s just so many to choose from that it’s mad.

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