Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past

Uncover and prevent a deadly truth.

Famed defense attorney Phoenix Wright suddenly announces his permanent retirement over a series of unfortunate events. Before hanging up his badge for good, he decides to visit the technological marvel known as the MASON System to relive his courtroom cases one final time.

When an unforeseen malfunction sends Phoenix into the past, he wakes up in his old offices with a painful headache. It only takes a few moments for his phone to ring with a new client. Can you discover what caused the malfunction, and prevent the disasters of the past from becoming truth?

The Team

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Soundtrack Producers

Calum Bowen
Ryan Ike
Jacob Pernell

Trailer Producer




Voice Actors

KampfVerein as Phoenix Wright

Laura Looi as Maya Fey

Volty as Detective Dick Gumshoe

Paragon Interrupt as Richard Wellington

mizura as Pearl Fey Franziska von Karma

Edwyn as Winston Payne

Heidi Tabing as Dahlia Hawthorne

Mark Ryan Anderson as Apollo Justice

Kira Buckland as Trucy Wright

pickle131 as Cassandra Orion Péa

Jarebear as Godot

Jilly Bean as Vera Misham

awesomeroyalwe as Ema Skye

RawrKittyPanda as Alice Jupiter

Miku-tan as Risa Saturn

BlooCerix as Prince Edward Plexia