Phoenix Wright: Remnants of the Past


Uncover and prevent a deadly truth.

Famed defense attorney Phoenix Wright suddenly announces his permanent retirement over a series of unfortunate events. Before hanging up his badge for good, he decides to visit the technological marvel known as the MASON System to relive his courtroom cases one final time.

When an unforeseen malfunction sends Phoenix into the past, he wakes up in his old offices with a painful headache. It only takes a few moments for his phone to ring with a new client.

Can you discover what caused the malfunction, and prevent the disasters of the past from becoming truth?

Case Summaries

Turnabout of the Past

When Phoenix’s last visit on his old cases severely backfires, he is suddenly sent to the past with a hazy memory and a mysterious warning. Moments upon awakening, a familiar client calls to detail a recent murder and request assistance.

Turnabout Twilight

Elusive thief Katherine initiates a heist for a rare gemstone, only to run into a trap and face capture. A well-known defense attorney named Kyle Duske guarantees Katherine an acquittal, on the terms that she helps him break into a mysterious observatory in search of a kidnapped child.

Supposedly before the break-in is initiated however, Duske is found dead in the Wright and Co. Law Offices, and Katherine is arrested for the crime.

Turnabout, Center Stage

Previously separated Japanese idol duo COSMOS announces its sudden return with a live performance overseas. Anxious about missing such an opportunity, Maya drags Phoenix along against his will. Just as the attorney at law begins to enjoy himself, one of the singers passes out on stage, coughing up dangerous amounts of blood.

As the crowd and security fall into a quick panic, an artist in the crowd dies silently from a deadly poison. The initial investigation points to only one possible culprit, but it is the victim’s 12 year old daughter. Is she really the killer?

A Turnabout in Flames

The Kingdom of Sangreal is the last existing monarchy, existing on its own laws. When the queen is mysteriously murdered, the princess disappears along with the murderer without a single trace. Desperate to find his daughter and the individual who killed his wife, King Charles makes his way to America, following a single clue he received years after the crime.

Bloodshed is not limited to Sangreal however, as a fiery explosion engulfs a local car and devastates the passenger inside. From the investigation, it is determined that the victim was the popular novelist Helen Ritz, and the detained suspect is the young Ema Skye. Who murdered the queen? What happened to the princess? Is Ema Skye the true murderer of Helen Ritz?

Remnants of the Past

A string of horrendous murders take the lives of Phoenix’s loved ones, one by one. Just as he realizes this horrific reality, he unexpectedly returns to the present to find everyone missing. With the help of his few surviving friends, they decide to investigate the deaths and prevent them from ever occurring.

Utilizing the MASON System once more, Phoenix must combine events from the past and the present to protect his future. As he continuously fails to save all of the victims, Phoenix must make the toughest decision of his life.

Newest Update

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Poster kept in updates for easy viewing! Apparently at some point, I ended up slipping in the ridiculously massive version of the poster on this page. Sorry if it was crashing the page, it’s remedied now!

Hey folks, it’s been a while. Good news is, the story write-up’s progressing well. Writing is very different once you actually have life and other ambitions to attend to, but considering that, great progress has been made.

So first, I’d like to congratulate one of our awesome music producers Jacob Pernell for finishing his move to Seattle! We’ve been in talks of meeting up whenever we can from here on out to dish out development ideas, as we’re only separated by about a 2 hour drive now. Coincidentally, this means our other music producer Ryan Ike is also conveniently able to join in.

On the topic of music, I’d also like to thank and congratulate our vocalist superstar Miku-tan for her safe trip over to Japan! Exciting, with just a touch of jealousy over here. Before leaving, she had the goodwill to finish recording for 2 new tracks, which will be available here after we finish making it the absolute best thing ever.

Finally, we’re always on the hunt for talent, so if you know anyone who has exceptional skills in video editing, illustration, programming with C++, or voice acting, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a comment at the bottom of this page.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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Soundtrack Producers

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Calum Bowen
Ryan Ike
Jacob Pernell

Trailer Producer




Voice Actors

KampfVerein as Phoenix Wright

Laura Looi as Maya Fey

Volty as Detective Dick Gumshoe

Paragon Interrupt as Richard Wellington

mizura as Pearl Fey Franziska von Karma

Edwyn as Winston Payne

Heidi Tabing as Dahlia Hawthorne

Mark Ryan Anderson as Apollo Justice

Kira Buckland as Trucy Wright

pickle131 as Cassandra Orion Pea

Jarebear as Godot

Jilly Bean as Vera Misham

awesomeroyalwe as Ema Skye

RawrKittyPanda as Alice Jupiter

Miku-tan as Risa Saturn

BlooCerix as Prince Edward Plexia

New Characters and Artwork